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Boot Camp Instructor John Spencer EllisA message from John Spencer Ellis, America's leading expert on fitness boot camp training programs:

Hi, and thank you for taking a minute to learn how you can find the boot camp training program that is perfect for your personal goals.  Since 1992, I have been helping people just like you to get fit, strengthen their bodies, and live a more fulfilling and rewarding life. Now, it is your turn. Obviously, we are all unique. that is exactly why I want to give you options for your boot camp training. There are times when you want to attend a local boot camp training program and join your neighbors for a fun group exercise class.  Other times, you may decide to do your boot camp class in your home. Regardless which boot camp workout you chose, you will need to have proper nutrition. You'll be glad to know I have carefully hand selected the diet program that will seamlessly work with your boot camp program.

And, if this wasn't enough, I've also included resources for you to take your boot camp experience to the highest level, and become a Certified Fitness Boot Camp Instructor.

Again, thanks for your time!

I wish you the best.

John Spencer Ellis

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